Carpet Cleaning  8 Step Cleaning Process


checklist-iconPace Pro Carpet Cleaning 8 Step Process

Professional carpet cleaning is usually done only once or twice a year for most of our customers and we know that when you hire a carpet cleaner that you want the job done right. To ensure that our carpet cleaning technicians give you the cleanest, healthiest carpet and the best cleaning experience with our company, we follow an 8 step process so that the results of every job that we do meet the level of quality that our customer’s have come to expect. It’s our recipe for success on each and every job. For more info on how our cleaning process works or to schedule a carpet cleaning or other service, please call 217-417-2255.


8 Step Cleaning Process

Step One: Pre-Inspection

Our technician will walk with you through your home and note any areas that need extra attention and also discuss items to be moved. After identifing the carpet’s condition and type we can select the specific carpet cleaning formula to use to clean your carpet.

Step Two: Pre-Spray

After the pre-inspection we will apply our soil lifting formula to the all areas being cleaned. Our specialized cleaning formula breaks down the dirt, oils, sugars and other sticky substances that actually attract more dust and bacteria. Once these things have been loosened from the carpet fibers, they are now ready to be rinsed away and extracted using our truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine.

Step Three: Deodorizing/Sanitizing Agent (Optional)

In certain cases we may recommend that an anitmicrobial deodorizer/sanitizer be applied to the carpet. This will eliminate pet odors as well as any other odors caused by bacteria leaving your carpet fresh and clean.

Step Four: Furniture Moving

While allowing the pre-spray to dwell and work deep into your carpet, your technician will carefully move any items that will be cleaned underneath and place protective “blocks” or “chips” under the furniture so your carpet can dry properly with no new furniture stains.

Step Five: Hot Water Extraction and Rinse

After the pre-spray has been allowed sufficient dwell time we will extract your carpet using the hot water extraction method also known as Steam Cleaning with our high powered industrial grade truck-mounted carpet cleaning machine. Our rinse is specially formulated to leave your carpet and upholstery residue free so it stays cleaner longer and feels softer. Because of the high powered machine we are able to do a more thorough rinsing of the carpet, while getting the carpet dry faster with our truck-mounted vacuum system.

Step Six: Post Spot Treatment

After a cleaning there are sometimes spots that remain. Your technician will do everything possible to treat these spots and remove them now.

Step Seven: Apply Carpet Protection – 3M Scotchgard (Optional)

If your carpet and upholstery is in good shape we may recommend that a protector be applied. This will help keep your carpet cleaner longer by increasing vacuuming efficiency when you clean and prevent any new spots or stains from ruining your investment, and prolong the life of your carpet/upholstery.

Step Eight: Post Inspection

We will walk with you through your home again to make sure all spots, stains, and traffic areas have been thoroughly cleaned. During the post-inspection we will go over the job with you and note any suggestions for the future that will help improve your carpet’s life and cleanliness as well as answer any questions you might have once the job has been completed.


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