Power Wash & Concrete Cleaning

Pace Pro is a truly professional firm that can handle those deep cleaning jobs that are simply beyond the scope one can do on their own. This is extremely important when it comes to caring for durable yet sensitive flooring such as tile and grout. This is because the best way to truly deep clean those surfaces is through power washing and that is something that Pace Pro can handle so that a homeowner does not have to run the risk of damaging not just the flooring, but surrounding areas as well. This can happen rather easily as power washing requires a skilled hand and the right technique to ensure the cleaning is thorough and nothing is damaged during that deep cleaning process.

Concrete is another popular floor that is found inside garages, in basements and outside of homes. These too tend to build up deep set dirt and can even house germs and bacteria. This is where Pace Pro can be of help as they can use power washing to remove not just that grime and dirt, but they can also make sure the concrete is sanitary and cleaned in a manner that makes it look new once again. The entire process is one that Pace Pro is experienced in and thus they can assess the floors that need cleaned and then proceed with the right power washing and cleaning plan that will be most beneficial.

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