Carpet Cleaning St Joseph IL

Improve Your Air Quality And Health With A Professional Carpet Cleaning

Many people do not realize that their house is full of unknown and unseen contaminants that ruin the indoor air quality. These hidden pollutants can cause a wide variety of health problems in yourself, your family and even your pets. One of the biggest culprits for giving these contaminants a secret place to live are your carpets and throw rugs.

A carpet, even one that is vacuumed on a semi-regular or regular basis is one of the dirtiest objects in a house. For people with young children who are constantly on the ground this is something that should be of serious concern to them. BoyDoingHomeworkOnCarpet-300x200

What kind of pollutants are we talking about here? Probably one of the most disgusting types that is routinely found in carpets is fecal matter. This includes both human and animal. Fecal spores, as you might imagine, harbor millions of bacteria cells that can rapidly reproduce leading to infections and decreased immunological functioning. Beyond this many types of fecal matter can harbor highly contagious viruses like the Hantavirus.

Common allergens are another common health threat that are frequently found in carpets and rugs. Allergens can cause a wide variety of health problems like asthma and other respiratory issues, as well as aid in the spread of the cold and some other airborne  viruses.

The point that you should take away from all of this is that a carpet, even if it looks clean, can do a serious number on the air quality inside your home. The solution to this problem is to get your carpet professionally cleaned on a yearly or semi-yearly basis. A professional carpet cleaning will remove virtually all of the allergens that build up in the carpet as well as any matter that is harboring viruses and bacteria.Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 2.16.54 PM