Carpet Cleaning St Joseph IL

Improve Your Air Quality And Health With A Professional Carpet Cleaning Many people do not realize that their house is full of unknown and unseen contaminants that ruin the indoor air quality. These hidden pollutants can cause a wide variety of health problems in yourself, your family and even your pets. One of the biggest […] Read more »

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Only Carpet Cleaner In Champaign-Urbana With 1 year Warranty !

What separates us from competitors?   We Care!  Our Fresh & Clean Warranty Program Proves It! Pace Pro’s 1 YEAR FRESH AND CLEAN WARRANTY Up to 6 return visits throughout the year Some scheduling restrictions may apply Guarantee does apply to any area protected by Pace Pro Carpet Cleaners in the last year A minimum […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning With Pace Pro In Mahomet IL

The carpeting in your home is like a magnet for dirt, debris, and contaminants. One of the problem that many homeowners have is that the vacuum can not remove all those items from the carpet. The store bought vacuums are not strong enough to remove the debris trapped deep in the carpet fibers. A professional […] Read more »

Carpet Cleaning In Savoy IL

Dirty and unclean carpets can drastically affect your indoor air quality and can make it eight to ten times worse than outdoor air. Dirty carpets that are not cleaned on a regular basis harbor millions of bacteria, mold and germs, and can become a breeding ground for wide range of harmful microorganisms, and most of […] Read more »