Carpet Cleaning With Pace Pro In Mahomet IL

The carpeting in your home is like a magnet for dirt, debris, and contaminants. One of the problem that many homeowners have is that the vacuum can not remove all those items from the carpet. The store bought vacuums are not strong enough to remove the debris trapped deep in the carpet fibers. A professional carpet cleaner will be able to help you remove all those contaminants in a timely manner.


The first thing that the professional carpet cleaner will do is apply a cleaning compound to the carpet to help loosen all those contaminants. The solution will not harm the carpet or discolor the fibers. One the solution is applied, the experts will use industrial strength scrubbing machines to loosen all the items trapped deep down in the fibers. Once the bacteria, mold, and debris has been loosened, the professional carpet cleaners will then get to removing all that debris.

Carpet Cleaning Warranty Program

The next step in the process is to vacuum the carpeting. Truck mounted vacuum systems are powerful enough to not only remove the contaminants, it will also remove all of the cleaning solution and leave the carpet virtually dry to the touch. The experts will remove all that debris and make certain any areas of heavy traffic or stains have been completely cleaned. Now that the flooring is clean, the professional carpet cleaners will then apply a protect-ant to the carpet to help to keep it looking clean and fresh much longer. The solution is designed to help you to clean up spills before the liquid has time to penetrate deep into the carpet fibers. This will also help to keep any dirt brought in by the shoes to the surface of the carpet longer. The longer the debris is at the top of the carpet, the easier you can access with your vacuum.Screen Shot 2014-02-12 at 2.16.54 PM

Carpet Cleaning With Pace Pro In Mahomet IL